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Septemeber Meeting: Minutes

2014 September 14
by Melissa

The meeting was attended by: Melissa, Aimee, Cheryl, Anna, Charlotte, Cathy, Kirstan, Eduardo, Lisa H.  Guests: Andre, Lori-Ann (Latitudes Festival)

The meeting was held at Williams Cafe at City Hall

City Update:

  • no City update as Frank was unable to attend

Latitudes Festival: Andre and Lori-Ann

  • 2015 is the 10th anniversary for the Latitudes Festival
  • In celebration of this they would like to create a literacy/public art installation along the Iron Horse Trail
  • It would involve the installation of several ‘little libraries’ along the trail, include lighting as well
  • Suggested location of bridge near West.  Some concerns expressed from the VPNA as to whether that was the best location (safety, damage, etc)
  • Discussed the possibility of engaging the community in the process
  • Raised the issue of the possibility of another public art installation along the trail as well and the need to possibly coordinate the two
  • Suggestion that neighbours may be willing to keep an ‘eye’ out for potential damage, etc to the libraries
  • May want to include seating off the side of the trail to encourage comfortable use of the libraries
  • Lori Ann will continue to communicate with the VPNA about next steps

Mary at the DCC will be going on leave next month.  Plan made for a small gift of thanks.

Newsletter Updates:


  • Goal of end of October for newsletter submissions
  • We would like to get them distributed as soon as possible after that due to the movie night and AGM coming soon


  • We only need 1250 newsletters now
  • Eduardo will talk to the Yantzis about a submission to the newsletter about their edible garden
  • Potential new newsletter drop offs – The Adventure’s Guild and more for Queen Street Commons
  • Some issues with a few street reps not being prompt with deliveries – Melissa will send an email out to remind reps of the importance of prompt deliveries

DCC Movie Night:

  • Nov 21st, 6:30pm, hosted by the VPNA
  • Charlotte will select an appropriate movie from the list
  • Charlotte will make a craft for that evening
  • Melissa, Anna, and Charlotte to attend that night
  • Melissa will look into what supplies we may need (juice boxes, popcorn, etc)


  • Nov 23rd, 6pm
  • Pavilion is booked
  • Melissa will look into having Michael May from the city speak on the city’s new Neighbourhood Strategy

All-Candidates Meeting:

  • We are working with some local community organizers on a potential all candidates meeting for the upcoming municipal election.  Details will follow

Programming Updates:


  • Homeschooling co-op starting up in 2 weeks, runs til June
  • 7 families are committed but there is a large waiting list
  • Partnership program with Extend-a-Family starts Sept 28th
  • Limited interest at this point, may be more interest if it becomes a drop-in format

Victoria Park Playground:

  • Melissa has attended 2 previous meetings to consider 9 potential playground structures
  • The list has been reduced to three
  • Melissa meeting with the group in 2 weeks to further evaluate the final three submissions
  • New equipment should be in place by the end of this year

Nominated for ‘Great Places in Canada’:

  • have encouraged voting through posts on our Facebook page
  • contest ends Sept 25

Heavy Vehicle Traffic Update (Lisa H):

  • City has made several improvements
  • Residents are keeping an eye on the situation to ensure commitments are followed
  • No current assistance required from the VPNA at this point

Henry Sturm Green Festival Discussion:

  • It was decided that we would not run the festival in 2015
  • Overall, the festival takes a lot of work from everyone, and especially so for Aimee and Anna
  • Putting so much work into an event that is so weather dependent is very discouraging
  • Many other organizations/groups in the community are seeking to partner with the VPNA on their own projects; perhaps our energies are best used to create these partnerships
  • Cheryl suggested that connecting with organizations in our area (such as REEP) who have their own established communication networks, could be beneficial to all
  • We can always reconsider and run the festival in future years, but everyone agreed that at least one year off was needed (and deserved!)
  • Much appreciation to all of those on the Executive, this year and past years, for supporting and giving your time to our little festival on the green!

June 2014 VPNA Meeting Minutes

2014 June 24
by LisaR

The meeting was attended by: Melissa, Cheryl, Lisa, Cathy, Aimee, Mary

The meeting was held at Williams Cafe at City Hall

City Update:

  • the tent city on the island has been told to be gone by Friday – in time for set up of multicultural festival – city wants to avoid confrontation as this only gives protestors media coverage
  • David St. demolition will take place by the end of the month
  • roadwork – David St. between Jubilee and Joseph – over the next two months
  • geese roundup will take place by the end of the month
  • boat rentals in park – has been tendered
  • a request has been put forward to have a food truck near boathouse until it reopens

Mary – DCC Update

  • toy cleaning has been done by volunteers from extend-a-family, will send thank-you card
  • new summer programs may have to be cancelled due to lack of interest


  • cash from snack shack from HSGF still needs to be counted
  • next newsletter-submissions by July 18, delivery on Aug 12
  • July meeting will be a potluck BBQ for VPNA board members
  • no meeting in August

Henry Sturm

  • next year need more promotion – social media – need a PR person
  • look into arts grants – get a real stage, pay musicians more money
  • need to plan further in advance
  • start a HSGF folder – share ideas
  • should have a DCC table to promote programs, maybe DNA can run a small program during festival
  • should have a VPNA table with our info and Henry Sturm info


  • would like to do an art install on the Iron Horse Trail


  • 15 yr upgrade is overdue – has been almost 20 years
  • accessibility an issue
  • wood will be replaced with plastic and other materials
  • maybe a rubberized surface instead of wood chips
  • design is under review

Heavy Traffic Issue

  • still a concern for some residents


  • held a clean-up around park on June 19th from 1-3pm


* a resident has been banned from posting to our FB page due to excessive posting and not adhering to our posting policy


Rain Barrel Sale – Pickup Location Change!

2014 April 23
by admin

Our apologies to everyone, but the truck dropping off our rainbarrels is no longer able to drop them off at the Schneider Haus lot.

Pick up is now at Weber Park
(Corner of Frederick St and Edna St, across from the Frederick Street Mall)

We apologize for any inconvenience!

Pick up day and time remains the same. Ordering is still open! Get them while you can!

Rain Barrel Sale April 26th, 2014

2014 April 21
by Melissa

Would you like to save money on your water bill?
Water your garden and lawn all spring, summer, and fall with a rain barrel!

The VPNA is now accepting pre-sale orders for a Truckload Rain Barrel Sale, scheduled for Saturday April 26th from 9am-1pm at the rear of the Joseph Scneider parking lot, near REEP House – 20 Mill Street, Kitchener.

Simply go to and click to pre-order your rain barrel today!
Guaranteed to be there on the day of the sale.

Rain barrels are being sold for $50 each and funds raised will go towards the VPNA’s mural project for the Henry Sturm Green maintenance shed.

April 2014 VPNA Meeting Minutes

2014 April 17
by LisaR

The meeting was attended by: Melissa, Charlotte, Aimee, Matt, Lisa, Mary, Anna, Lisa, Cathy, Eduardo

The meeting was held at: Queen Street Commons Cafe

Danielle from ION – rapid transit

  • rapid growth in region – 200 000 new residents expected by 2031
  • stage 1 to open in 2017 – 19 km route from Conestoga Mall in Waterloo to Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener
  • 16 stops along corridor
  • operating separately from traffic, provides quick, convenient and reliable travel
  • stage 2 – connect Conestoga Mall to Ainslie St. Terminal with 23 stops, 37 km route
  • for more info. visit:

Henry Sturm Festival

  • vendor form finished
  • a few bands signed up
  • Tier 2 funding received – $1000 + $50 for printing
  • permits – Anna will take care of in next week or two
  • call-out for artisans for bazaar

Rych Mills 

  • leading a Janes Walk through Victoria Park on May 3 at 10am
RainBarrel Sale
  • everything in place, voluteers set-up
  • last count a week ago – 13 barrels sold
  • summer info? fire burning, festivals etc
  • info needs to be submitted by 1st week of May
Programming – Charlotte
  • extend-a-family arts program for people with special needs looking to connect with others in community – day time program – homeschoolers?
  • would like to see more programs at DCC for homeschoolers – a co-op starting in fall?
  • last week was National Volunteer Week – presented VPNA with a thank-you card and gift certificates to Matter of Taste
Next Meeting: May 21 at Queen Street Commons Cafe


March 2014 VPNA Meeting Minutes

2014 April 14
by LisaR

The meeting was attended by: Melissa, Anna, Amy, Charlotte, Lisa, Eduardo, Mary

The meeting was held at: The Queen Street Commons Cafe


Blues FestRob & Rob from the board came to speak with us

  • Aug 7-10 , 14 years running, this is the 5th year in Victoria Park
  • Thurs. – ticketed concert until 11 pm
  • Fri – Sun – free festival, Fri and Sat night timing changes – until 10:45pm in the park, 11:00pm at City Hall
  • over 90% volunteer run
  • festival has been virtually incident free – security briefing pre and post event – safety is #1 concern
  • crowd splitting – 2 big acts at same time to avoid overcrowding

City Update

  • late March washroom to be finished
  • city vehicle traffic through park will be reduced in April
  • geese control program underway
  • playground equipment to be updated/replaced this summer
  • bridge repair should be finished soon
  • boats will be back again this year

DCC Update

  • DNA AGM will be in May
  • speed dating for volunteers- “speed interview” – connecting volunteers with groups
  • recruiting volunteers
  • youth awards – Fri March 28th deadline to nominate
  • May 27 6:30 pm – annual volunteer appreciation celebration


  • has been sent out
  • need a Brock St. rep for delivery – it is a large delivery – more than 100

KW Newcomer Environmental Group

  • March 27 2-5pm at the pavillion
  • meet 1st Wed of each month at Queen St. Commons Cafe, 5:30-6:30pm

Henry Sturm Festival

  • June 7th 1-5 pm
  • bands – merch table?
  • food tent – popcorn
  • artist bazaar

Rain Barrel Fundraiser

  • pick-up date April 26 9am-1pm
  • sales underway
  • all advertising in place

Next Meeting : April 16th 7:30pm at Queen St. Commons Cafe


Neighbourhood Photography Exhibition

2014 April 9
by admin
April 12, 2014
2:00 pmto5:00 pm

One of our neighbours, Dennis Lehto, has lived in the park area for 38 years, but is sadly moving away and downsizing. Luckily for us, he’s an avid photographer, and has many beautiful photos of local sights, and is having an exhibition and sale to share these pictures with his neighbours before moving.

Please come and see his work during the exhibition, happening this Saturday, April 12th, from 2-5pm at Linden Manor, 15 Linden Street.

February VPNA Meeting Minutes

2014 March 4
by LisaR

The meeting was attended by: Melissa, Anna, Steve, Eduardo, Cathy, Lisa, Frank, Mary

The meeting was held at the Queen St. Commons.

Update from Frank:

  • statue project – 2500 survey responses – 80% against the project, city – no involvement, $ etc.
  • working groups next meeting will discuss the statue project and bluesfest – wants more space and later time frame – police already having trouble with security
  • boathouse – renovations – Imbibe will cover $160,000, city $410,000

Update from Mary:

  • newsletter will be printed late

City truck traffic through park:

  • has been quieter-need to give it more time to let all changes happen
  • a concrete proposal needs to be made regarding moving salt pile

Rain barrel Sale:

  • April 26th, 9-1
  • online ordering will begin soon

DCC -  LaLeche League would like to add another class – will run the 2nd and 4th wednesday each month

Festival of Neighbourhoods – VPNA won the early bird prize for the AGM – $50 gift certificate for stores downtown

Henry Sturm Festival:

  • June 8th
  • received tier 2 funding – $1000 + $50 for  printing

Next Meeting March 19th

Heavy Vehicle Traffic Proposal – Update

2014 January 17
by Melissa

On Monday, January 13th, 2014 neighbours from the Victoria Park Neighbourhood spoke to City Council about concerns over the high volume of City Vehicle traffic going through the neighbourhood. Here is their proposal:


1. A comprehensive solution:
a. Component 1: Maintenance Vehicular Traffic
i. all non-park maintenance vehicles be housed outside of VP: uncompromisable
ii. minimize Park maintenance traffic traveling through our neighbourhood

b. Component 2: Salt Pile
i. relocate salt pile for sidewalk snowplows

c. Component 3: Debris Pile
i. relocate sidewalk sweeper debris pile

d. Component 4: Garbage Maintenance
i. Revise park garbage collection to minimize traffic through neighbourhood

e. Component 5: Water Truck
i. Relocate refill station: possibility: fire Hydrant

f. Component 6: Horticultural Crew
i. Should option 4 or some hybrid thereof be adopted, relocate the planning and administration meetings of horticultural crews so that hort crew traffic is limited to when they are working in the Park.

2. A timely solution—early Spring of 2014—recognizing that our neighbourhood has had construction/industrial traffic since March of 2009 when street infrastructure reconstruction occurred. We need our lives and neighbourhood back.

3. IF NECESSARY: an interim solution to ensure a solution by April.

4. A cost effective solution: an equation of cost analysis that includes the significant cost of impact on our lives.

5. A Parameter that prevents this problem from recurring.

6. Recognition that:
a. the exponential increase in Park use and horticultural sites results in a corresponding increase in maintenance traffic.
b. this increase creates a traffic load in the neighbourhood that should not be compounded by other non-park maintenance traffic.

7. Recognition that in principle:
a. a maintenance vehicle site with supplies should not be located in a place that requires travel through a residential cul-de-sac.

We will post new information as it becomes available.

January 2014 – Meeting Minutes

2014 January 16
by admin

Attendees: Melissa, Lisa H, Mary, Eduardo, Frank, rych, Anna, Cathy

Melissa welcomed everyone. Went around the table and did introductions.

VPWG update and VPHC (historical committee) update

  • Statue project meeting in December – informational with Jim Rodger. Mostly informational, general consensus was that most people wanted to see the statues spread throughout the park instead of ringing around the commons. Has lots more consultation with council, etc before any final decisions are made
  • U of W prof wants to use the park as a focal group for some courses he’s defining, WG has sent him to the city.
  • Another meeting in March and a spring walk-about through the park.
  • VPHC lecture series – still in planning, would like to be in conjunction with VPNA. Plan would be to begin in October 2014.

City Update

From Frank:

  • Lots of ice storm clean-up still going on.
  • Waterloo Region Police are going through change of operations in downtown area, Frank met with them today. New oficers were active in downtown before so they are familiar with the area. They are reacting to complaints from merchants etc about illicit activity going on downtown, so they are aware of and watching those things
  • Boathouse negations still continue, behind closed doors.
  • Park washrooms – everything is really on schedule or ahead, should be able to qualify for federal $200K funding by March.
  • Status project – City survey on website, looks like about 3:1 against right now. Still open for new respondents.

Cathy and Lisa speak to VP maintenance facility / noise issue:

  • 3 individuals presented at city council on Monday night. Seemed well received by councillors.
  • 25 residents were there in person to show their support.
  • Tried to give a deadline of this spring, but email from city seems to imply that the decision has been put off
  • Seems to be confusion about what vehicles are actually there

  • Coming back to budget on Jan 30th, but Zehr says it should be dealt with at council meeting on Jan 27th before budget meeting.

DCC/DNA Update

From Mary:

  • New AODA training – pamphlets for board members and volunteers to read
  • Handed out AODA “At Your Service” pamphlets to all board members.
  • Training opportunities for NAs.
  • May 22nd – volunteer appreciation gala at city hall
  • DCC has had a lot of thefts, issues with illicit behaviour in the bathrooms. Now have security onsite 7 hours a day, has helped reduce the activity. Security has been extended. Moved to a model where only those in programs can be in centre in order to keep things safe for the public.


  • Anna looking for submissions, will have draft to Mary by Feb 2nd.
  • Should be delivered by beginning of March

Projects and Committtees

  • Not doing Animate the Trail this year, just Henry Sturm
  • Rain Barrel Day – Lisa will look into this
  • DCC Movie Night – Anna will do this, in November not summer

New Business

  • Susan Burke from Schneider Haus is retiring, having a party for her
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