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Update from Councillor Frank Etherington

2014 December 6
by Melissa
Following is the first of a series of neighbourhood updates from Frank Etherington, Ward 9 Councillor and a Victoria Park resident:

First the good news:
Ongoing pressure from residents, police and bylaw-enforcement officers has finally resulted in legal action and an overdue cleanup at an eyesore property on Queen Street South near Homewood Avenue.
The case, which for months turned the property into a scrap-dealing dump, is a classic example of how a single, selfish landlord or tenant can hold an entire community hostage while running a beautiful neighbourhood into the ground.  It illustrates why the city’s property-standards bylaw needs to be strengthened and additional bylaw enforcement officers must be hired.
Second good news item:
In the coming week, security cameras and sharps containers are scheduled to be installed at the new washroom building near David Street in Victoria Park to combat vandalism and drug-use activity. Cameras, which will be watched by security staff, will be mounted in the lobby and at the front of the building to monitor who enters and leaves the facility.
And the bad news:
About 100 ash trees recently marked with double red dots are scheduled to be chopped down across Victoria Park.  The trees will be eliminated as part of the city’s plan to control the spread of the emerald ash borer.  The 100 are among an estimated 412 infested ash trees that will be removed from Ward 9 — part of a total 5,013 that will be chopped down across the city. A small percentage of healthy ash trees with trunks measuring more than 30 cms. in diameter will be injected with an expensive treatment
that helps kill the aggressive pest.

More information about the issue and how to treat ash trees on private property can be found at

Annual General Meeting – Sunday November 23rd

2014 November 22
by Melissa
November 23, 2014
6:00 pmto9:00 pm

Please join us Sunday at 6pm for our Annual General Meeting and Holiday Potluck.  This is a great chance to connect with some of your neighbours while enjoying a great potluck!  We’ll also hear from Michael May who will share a bit about the City’s new neighbourhood strategy.  There will also be crafts for the kids.  Bring your favourite dish or dessert to share as well as reusable plates and cutlery for yourself.  We hope to see you Sunday at the Pavilion!

VPWG Meeting – September 18, 2014

2014 November 17
by Melissa


Thursday, September 18, 2014

1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Kitchener City Hall (Adam Seymour Room A)


Present:           Rych Mills, Bob Sharpe, Greg Hummel, Laura Seaman, Glennis Yantzi, Tim Wolfe, Lori Wadsworth (Recorder)

Regrets:          Councilor Etherington

Summer Events in the Park

  • Greg questioned whether group members had any issues or concerns with the special events that took place in the park this past summer (Multi-cultural Festival, Blues Fest, Rib Fest, etc.).
  • No major concerns were noted with the events.
  • A question was asked as to how much Rib Fest pays the City for holding the event in the Park. Greg responded that Rib Fest doesn’t pay the City any money to hold the event in the park. Rib Fest covers costs for grease removal, sanitation volunteers, security, road closures, etc. The City doesn’t make any revenue from the event; however the City is reimbursed for any costs that it incurs for the event.
  • Greg commented that in the past Council had pushed for more events in the core in an effort to bring more people downtown. Consequently, more events were created for the downtown such as Cruise Night, Rock the Block, etc.
  • At a past VPWG meeting there had been discussion regarding the need for Council to review its policy regarding the number of events held in the downtown/Victoria Park.
  • Following the Big Music Fest at McLennan Park upon a Council directive, a review of the economic impact of Big Music Fest to the City was done.
  • It was suggested that perhaps Council should look at conducting an overall assessment of other events that the City holds within the downtown as a way of evaluating their economic benefit to the downtown.
  • A further discussion regarding a need for a review of special events in the downtown/Victoria Park to be held at the next VPWG meeting.

Action: Next VPWG meeting agenda to include discussion regarding the need for a review of special events in the Downtown/Victoria Park.

  • Greg commented that the special events list for 2015 will be coming out in the spring. He will ensure group members receive a copy of the list.
  • It was noted it isn’t necessary for Special Events to send out the parking passes for the special events in the park.

Action: Lori to advise Special Events staff they don’t need to send out parking passes for special events in the park.

Canoe Rentals – Lack of Service

  •  Rych raised a concern that there were so few days when canoe rental staff were available to rent out canoes.
  • There needs to be an expectation of the vendor for the level of service for the rental of canoes in the park.
  • A few ideas were suggested for improving the service i.e., posting the hours of operation; having the option available for people to book a canoe in advance; approaching the schools and scheduling canoe lessons with groups of students.
  • Greg advised he would raise these concerns/suggestions with the vendor.

Action: Greg to have a discussion with the canoe rental vendor regarding the hours of service for canoe rentals and suggestions for improving the service.

Electric Bike Recharging in the Park

  •  Rych commented he has noticed lately some e-bike riders utilizing live outlets in the park for recharging their bikes.
  • If the City is looking at setting up recharging stations throughout the City perhaps a recharging station could in included in Victoria Park. A recharging station in the park would also be helpful for scooter users.
  • Greg commented that there is an outlet at the Clock Tower that is the public uses to plug in guitars, phones and laptops, etc.
  • At a past VPWG meeting there was a discussion with respect to e-bikes on trails and concerns with these bikes speeding through the park creating a risk to pedestrians.
  • The Kitchener parks by-law doesn’t allow the operation of motorized vehicles on its trails and that includes e-bikes. Electric scooters are allowed.
  • Further direction is required from the Province regarding e-bikes in parks.

Victoria Park Updates


  •  Greg advised this year was a challenge in obtaining the required permits from Canadian Wildlife Service in a timely fashion for the oiling of eggs and geese relocation.
  • The oiling was done this year however other methods weren’t implemented for timing reasons.
  • Josh Shea has taken the lead on geese management at Victoria Park.
  • It was noted it seems the numbers aren’t quite as high this year over last year although a large number of geese have been located in the fore-bay bridge area.
  • Greg will obtain the report prepared by Orkin that shows the mapping of the nest locations and goose numbers. The group will review the report at the next meeting.

Action: Greg to bring copies of the Orkin report containing the mapping of the nest locations and goose numbers to the next VPWG meeting.

      Rail Crossing – Iron Horse Trail to Victoria Park

  •  Greg commented that Genessee Wyoming Rail (operators of the Goderich Exeter Railway) has a policy that the train whistle must sound at the rail crossing.
  • It’s estimated there would be two trains going through per day and the trains wouldn’t be running at night.
  • Greg advised he has an upcoming meeting with staff to review the Iron Horse Trail to Victoria Park rail crossing project.


  •  Greg advised that Jim Edmondson, Supervisor in Facilities Management is working with the Boathouse owners with respect to the work schedule for the Boathouse renovations.
  • Although progress is being made on the renovations, it isn’t yet known how soon the Boathouse will be open.
  • Greg advised he will ask Jim whether he has any more information on the progress of work and schedule.

Action: Greg to ask Jim Edmondson for an update on the work schedule and progress of the Boathouse renovations.


  •  Greg raised a concern on behalf of Frank regarding people hanging out at the rear of the new washrooms.
  • Frank has suggested that the area between the washroom and berm be filled with vegetation as a deterrent for this behavior.
  • Greg commented that certain types of plant material could be installed keeping in mind it takes a few years for plants to be established. Another option would be to install Riverstone Rock in various shapes and sizes.
  • Greg advised he would ask one of the City’s Landscape Architect’s to create a few plans for the area between the washroom and berm.

Action: Greg to ask one of the Landscape Architects to create a few plans for the area between the washroom and berm.


  •  The playground equipment replacement tender is out.
  • The Roland Street bridge replacement tender has been awarded.
  • A question was asked as to what the policy is on drones in parks.
  • Greg advised he will check the Parks By-law regarding the policy on drones.

Action: Greg to check the parks by-law as it pertains to the use of drones in parks.

Next Meeting Date

  •  Lori will schedule a walkabout of the park for some time in October.


VPWG Meeting (Park Tour) – May 29th, 2014

2014 November 17
by Melissa



 Thursday, May 29, 2014


Participants:   Rych Mills, Glennis Yantzi, Bob Sharpe, Laura Seaman, Frank Etherington, Greg Hummel, William Sleeth, Lori Wadsworth

Regrets:         Tim Wolfe

 * * * * * * *

  • Lighting:

-       Lights are out at these locations:   Joseph Street; Clock tower; between Queen/David; area leading to Pavilion; on the Island

-       Angel tree lights on top of boathouse needs to be removed

-       Christmas star at the Clocktower needs to be removed

Action: Facilities Management  

-       If VPWG members notice any other lights out in the park, please send Lori an email with locations.

       Clock Tower – flag needed on the flag pole

       Action: Facilities Management

  •  New Washrooms:

-       Signage needed for family washroom:

  • no loitering sign
  • drinking fountain signage
  • clearer signage on women and men’s washrooms
  • washroom hours need to be posted

Action: Facilities Management

  •  Canoeing on the lake:

-       Suggestion – install a temporary floating boat dock (t-shape) on the lake adjacent to boat house for use during canoe rental season

-       This temporary dock could improve access to canoes

-       If dock were permanent there would be heritage considerations to be taken into account

Action: Greg will bring this suggestion regarding installation of a temporary dock forward to appropriate staff

  •  Forebay Island Debris

-       Confirmation is needed that the SWM utility group is responsible to oversee cleanout of the debris on the forebay island  – communication needs to be facilitated regarding the issues within that area

-       There are dead trees at the forebay bridge.

Action: Greg will confirm that the SWM Utility is responsible for cleanout of the debris on the forebay island.

 Greg will let know the SWM Utility know about the dead trees at the forebay bridge.    

  •   Mesh Recycling Bins

-       Question as to whether the wire mesh recycling bins can be put out again near the boathouse

Action: Tim Wolfe

  •  Heins Pergola

– needs paint

Action: Facilities Management

  •  Christmas lights

-       wires are hanging down on some of the trees creating a safety hazard

Action: Facilities Management

  •  Rail crossing

-       Staff is working on the application re rail crossing connection to trail. They have completed the design.

-       A train whistle will be required at the rail crossing. Without it, the crossing will not be approved.

  •  Geese

-       The geese situation seems to be improved

-       Approx. 34 goslings were noted in the park

  •  Japanese Water Garden

-       The water isn’t running at the Japanese water garden.

Action: Tim Wolfe to ensure the water is running at the Japanese garden.

  •  Victoria Park Food Truck

-       There are parking issues with the location that was chosen for the food truck.

-       Greg made a suggestion for another location not too far from the current location that would solve the parking issue.

-       Greg suggested a stake be placed in the ground near the location that says food truck

-       It was noted that the food truck initiative is on a one year basis and will be reevaluated at that time.

Action: Greg will let Pat Harris and also the food truck vendor know of the change in the location.

-       A suggestion was made regarding the possibility of having a food truck near the boathouse – to operate until the boathouse re-opens in September.

-       The VPWG members thought this was a good idea.

VPWG Meeting – March 7th, 2014

2014 November 17
by Melissa

VICTORIA PARK WORKING GROUP MEETING Friday, March 7, 2014 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Kitchener City Hall (Pipe Room – 6th floor)


Present:           Rych Mills, Bob Sharpe, Greg Hummel, Laura Seaman, Glennis Yantzi, William Sleeth, Councilor Frank Etherington, Lori Wadsworth (Recorder)

Guests:            Jeff Young, Jennifer Zunic (Special Events); Rob Deyman (Blues Fest)

Regrets:          Tim Wolfe

  1. Blues Fest
  • Rob Deyman, Executive Director of Blues Fest was in attendance to provide an update on 2014 Blues Best. Jeff Young and Jennifer Zunic from Special Events were also in attendance.
  • Rob advised that Blues Fest will run from August 7th to the 10th (the same number of days as in previous years). The number of stages and their locations will also be the same.
  • Safety is the number one priority of Blues Fest. In the debrief after the last festival, the police raised a safety concern with respect to the high volume of people moving up Gaukel after the end of the last performance at the Clock Tower stage to the main stage on King Street.
  • To address this potential safety problem, the Blues Fest organizers decided to extend the time of the performances at the Clock Tower Stage to 11:00 p.m. to coincide with the time of the final performance at the main stage.
  • The first performance at the Clock Tower stage will start at 3:00 p.m. In past years the start time was 2:00.
  • Blues Fest organizers had shared this plan with City staff and a few Councilor members and were given the okay to proceed with their plans. As a result, Blues Fest has moved ahead with securing acts for the new time slot.
  • VPWG members expressed concern with the music being extended to 11:00 p.m. at the Clock Tower stage. Victoria Park residents have complained in the past about the volume of the music being uncomfortably loud. It was reiterated that the concert organizers need to consider the people that live in the park when planning the event.
  • Rob commented that the music was extended to 11:00 p.m. at the Clock Tower Stage to hold the audience there in an effort to prevent large masses of people from moving up Gaukel to the main stage.
  • Sherwood Sound manages the sound levels for most of the acts except for the touring acts. The touring acts will be reminded that the venue is in a residential neighbourhood and to use due diligence to try and control the sound levels to a reasonable level.
  • It was suggested that perhaps there is an opportunity to reconfigure the site as a way to lessen the noise impact on the residents.
  • It was questioned whether drop walls could be set up within the tents to reduce some of the noise. Rob responded that dropped walls aren’t effective in minimizing the noise of the base sounds and would affect air flow in the tents.
  • It was suggested that perhaps some walls erected at the site might help in absorbing some of the sound. Rob said he didn’t think it would help but that he could check with Sherwood Systems.
  • Greg commented that there is a sprinkler system in the Commons. Rob asked Greg for a copy of the as-built drawings for the sprinkler system.
  • Action: Greg to provide a copy of the as-built drawings for the sprinkler system to Rob and Jennifer.There was discussion regarding appropriate notification to the Victoria Park neighbourhood to alert them to the change to Blues Fest.
    • There was discussion regarding appropriate notification to the Victoria Park neighbourhood to alert them to the change to Blues Fest.
    • Jennifer commented that she could add the information to the parking pass that will be distributed to the residents.
    • A question was asked as to whether contact phone numbers for the Police, Parking, By-law, etc. could be added to the placard that is given to Victoria Park residents prior to the event.
    • Jenn responded that she could add this information to the placard.
    • It was noted that Rob will be attending a VPNA meeting (March 19th) to talk about the Blues Fest change


    1. Victoria Park Updates

    a)     Machine Shop

    • Greg advised that he will soon know the dates when the equipment in the machine shop is going to be moved out of the building. There is a possibility that an offsite ambulance building might be available to store the equipment in the short term. A long term permanent location will need to be found.
    • The intent of the Kitchener Operations Facility was not to eliminate use of satellite locations as they are needed for the efficient moving of equipment to work locations such as Victoria Park, the downtown, etc.
    • The challenge is to make adjustments for the storage and efficient movement of equipment for Victoria Park operations without impacting other neighbourhoods.

    b)    Washrooms

     The washroom facility should be completed by the end of March.

     c)     Garbage Containers

    •  Greg advised about a plan to replace the garbage cans in the park with Moloks which should help to keep the park cleaner and the number of times they will require emptying should be minimized as well.
    • William presented a drawing that shows the planned locations of the Moloks throughout the park.
    • The Moloks will be sunken into the ground.
    • The VPWG members reviewed the drawing and made a few suggestions for the possible relocation of a few of the Moloks.
    • Greg commented that after the containers are installed staff will be monitoring them for a few months to see how often they fill-up and will adjust the pickup schedule accordingly.
    • William advised he will take the drawing back to Design & Development staff along with the VPWG’s suggestions for the possible relocation of a few of the Molok units.

    Action: William to take the Victoria Park Molok plan drawing back to D & D staff and the VPWG’s suggestions for a possible relocation of a few of the Molok units.

     d)    Playground Renovation

    •  Greg advised that the main playground is being renovated. The playground is nineteen years old and has deteriorated over time. A tender will be going out for the project.
    • The splash pool will be staying as well as the slide.
    • William commented that in terms of the timeline for the renovation, the best time to start the project would be after Labour Day.
    • Rych asked whether William could send him a copy of the drawing and he will post it in the gallery.

    Action: William to send rych a copy of the playground renovation drawing which rych will then post in the gallery.

     e)     Geese Management Plan

    •  William advised that Orkin has been awarded the tender for the geese management program for 2014. There were two bids this year but Orkin’s bid was the lowest.
    • The geese management plan will involve egg and nest activities and relocation. Scaring activities won’t be used.

     f)      Other

    •  At this point in the meeting VPWG members raised a number of general questions/concerns with respect to the park:

    -       The Christmas lights in the park are still coming on at night. Greg responded that volunteers are responsible for installing the lights. He will see if Tim Wolfe could contact a volunteer regarding the issue that the lights haven’t been removed and are still coming on at night in the park. Greg will also talk to Facilities Management to see if there is anything they can do about having the lights turned off in the park.

    Action: Greg to talk to Tim Wolfe about contacting a volunteer regarding the lights in the park. Greg will ask FM staff whether they could possibly turn off the lights in the park.

    -         What is happening with respect to the tree damage in the park? Greg responded that the winter shift for Operations staff will end on March 14th which will enable Operations to utilize resources to get into Victoria Park as a first priority to clean-up the tree limbs. Once the bulk of the snow is gone work crews will be sent out with wood chippers to chip wood, pick up debris and trim hanging branches. In terms of tree replacement Operations will look at the budget dollars available for replanting trees on the island. A large number of trees that were destroyed were ash trees. It is possible that the cold temperatures have slowed down the spread of EAB. Staff is currently in Ward 6 removing ash trees. It was noted that trees outside of the park are not part of Victoria Park proper but under general park management. Staff will clean up downed branches in the area outside of David Street.

    -          Greg commented that there is a budget for specific projects in Victoria Park but no overall budget.

    -          Parking at the rink; people have been parking on the snow outside of the paved area. Greg commented that staff will clean up the lot and the public will be prohibited from parking on the grass.

    -          What is happening with plans for canoeing on the lake this summer? Greg responded that canoeing on the lake will go to an expression of interest (tender).

    -          How is security of the washrooms going to be handled? Greg responded that Facilities Management manages the washrooms. Security cameras will be located outside of the washroom area. The custodians responsible for cleaning the washrooms have Sharpes training and will monitor the washrooms and identify any issues. The washrooms are locked at night for twelve months of the year.

    -          The bridge located by the canoe is closed; when will it be re-opened? Greg responded that due to staff being on shift for winter activities staff resources haven’t been available to repair the bridge; the bridge will be repaired at the end of the winter.

    -          What is the status of plans for a pedestrian crossing on Jubilee Drive? Greg responded that it’s in the Transportation Planning Division’s work plan. Greg will follow-up with Transportation staff to see how the plans are progressing. There is a question of where the crosswalk would be located on Jubilee.

    -          Action: Greg to ask Transportation Planning for an update on plans for a pedestrian crossing on Jubilee Drive.

    -          A concern was raised at the last VPWG meeting with respect to the need for a sidewalk and crossing at the end of Water Street into the park. At the bottom of Water Street there is no sidewalk forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.

    -          Action: Greg will raise the concern regarding the need for a sidewalk at the bottom of Water Street with Transportation Planning staff.

    -          A question was asked regarding the status of the proposed work to the Roland Bridge. William responded that it’s on the radar.

    Next Meeting:           

    •  Group members requested that the next meeting be held in May and that it involve a tour of the washrooms.

    Action: Lori to set up a VPWG meeting for some-time in May.

AGM is less than a week away!

2014 November 17
by Melissa
November 23, 2014
6:00 pmto9:00 pm

Join us for our Annual General Meeting and Holiday Potluck!  November 23rd at 6pm at the Victoria Park Pavilion.  Our special guest speaker is Michael May from the City who will update us on the new neighbourhood strategy.  Bring your favourite dish to share, as well as your own reusable plates, mugs, and utensils.  We will have coffee, tea, and apple cider for everyone to enjoy.  We hope to see you there!

Movie Night at the Downtown Community Centre

2014 October 17
by Melissa
November 21, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm

Annual General Meeting

2014 October 17
by Melissa
November 23, 2014
6:00 pmto9:00 pm

Join us for our Annual General meeting and Holiday Potluck!  November 23rd at 6pm at the Victoria Park Pavilion.  Our special guest speaker is Michael may from the City who will update us on the new neighbourhood strategy.  Bring your favourite dish to share, as well as your own reusable plates, mugs, and utensils.  We will have coffee, tea, and apple cider for everyone to enjoy.  We hope to see you there!

October Meeting Minutes

2014 October 17
by Melissa

The meeting was attended by: Melissa, Aimee, Anna, Charlotte, Kirstan, Eduardo. Guest: Wayne

The meeting was held at Williams Cafe at City Hall

City Update:

  • The Latin Fest may be moving back to Victoria Park (July 9-12).  If so, there will be a noise exemption to allow music in the park until 11pm on July 11th and until 8-9pm on Sunday evening.

DCC Updates:


  • The posting to fill Mary’s position just closed on Sunday (Oct 12th).  Interviews will happen soon and hopefully the new person will be hired by early November.
  • AODA updates.  Flyers were distributed to the executive with the newest AODA information.  An updated ‘blurb’ will be added to our webpage to reflect this new information.

Community Garden Proposal


  • Wayne would like to start a community garden near Theresa Street (on Jubilee).  In order to process grant applications, it is beneficial for such a garden to be under the ‘umbrella’ of the VPNA.
  • Wayne will look into the interest from neighbours, particularly those in the affordable housing units as they currently do not have access to space for gardening.
  • Kirstan said the City may have ways to support this start-up as well.
  • Eduardo mentioned touching base with an owner on Heins who has his own large garden space.
  • We may also want to speak with Juanita and Laura as they have experience in starting community gardens.
  • The community garden organizer (currently Wayne) will attend VPNA meetings as needed to update VPNA to the status of the garden.

Newsletter Updates:


  • We have decided to move to a shorter newsletter (one double-sided page) which will highlight important upcoming events and information.  We will move our focus to Facebook, the webpage, and (hopefully) Twitter.  These are better modes for delivering up-to-date information and reduces our paper usage and printing.
  • This takes place immediately (for the winter 2014 newsletter).

DCC Movie Night:

  • Nov 21st, 6:30pm, hosted by the VPNA
  • Movie selected: Rise of the Guardians
  • Melissa will make a craft for that evening
  • Melissa and Anna will attend that night
  • Anna to purchase juice boxes, popcorn, and the movie


  • Nov 23rd, 6pm
  • Pavilion is booked
  • Michael May to speak re:Neighbourhood Strategy
  • Some tasks assigned.  Melissa will send out an updated checklist with assigned tasks.

All-Candidates Meeting:

  • One more meeting for mayoral candidates – Oct 22nd.

Rain Barrel Sale

  • A discussion was had regarding having a rain barrel sale again in 2015.  Due to the challenges we had last year and the work required to run it, we have decided to opt out of the sale this year.
  • We will look into the possibility of a seedling/plant sale in conjunction with the new community garden.


  • Nov 1st, 2014
  • Marko (artist) is planning to have 3 finished sculptural light fixture prototypes for N\S.  He will be working on the Iron Horse sculpture during N\S.
  • Eric will touch base with the VPNA after N/S to update us on the progression of the art installation possibilities.
  • There will be a pumpkin carving event through N\S a few days before Halloween.  Melissa will post information on Facebook once received.
  • Pumpkins will be displayed in Civic Centre Park on Nov 1 as part of N/S.  It would be great to have some Victoria Park residents’ pumpkins on display.  Information will be posted on Facebook regarding this event.

VPHC Lecture Series

  • The inaugural lecture is tomorrow night (Oct 16th) at the Pavilion.
  • Melissa will have a short welcome and a plug for the upcoming AGM.  She will also have an information booth with newsletters and an email sign-up list.


  • Melissa has been in touch with Ruth and Jess from ACCKWA.  They are supportive of the installation of Sharps boxes in a number of public facilities.







Septemeber Meeting: Minutes

2014 September 14
by Melissa

The meeting was attended by: Melissa, Aimee, Cheryl, Anna, Charlotte, Cathy, Kirstan, Eduardo, Lisa H.  Guests: Andre, Lori-Ann (Latitudes Festival)

The meeting was held at Williams Cafe at City Hall

City Update:

  • no City update as Frank was unable to attend

Latitudes Festival: Andre and Lori-Ann

  • 2015 is the 10th anniversary for the Latitudes Festival
  • In celebration of this they would like to create a literacy/public art installation along the Iron Horse Trail
  • It would involve the installation of several ‘little libraries’ along the trail, include lighting as well
  • Suggested location of bridge near West.  Some concerns expressed from the VPNA as to whether that was the best location (safety, damage, etc)
  • Discussed the possibility of engaging the community in the process
  • Raised the issue of the possibility of another public art installation along the trail as well and the need to possibly coordinate the two
  • Suggestion that neighbours may be willing to keep an ‘eye’ out for potential damage, etc to the libraries
  • May want to include seating off the side of the trail to encourage comfortable use of the libraries
  • Lori Ann will continue to communicate with the VPNA about next steps

Mary at the DCC will be going on leave next month.  Plan made for a small gift of thanks.

Newsletter Updates:


  • Goal of end of October for newsletter submissions
  • We would like to get them distributed as soon as possible after that due to the movie night and AGM coming soon


  • We only need 1250 newsletters now
  • Eduardo will talk to the Yantzis about a submission to the newsletter about their edible garden
  • Potential new newsletter drop offs – The Adventure’s Guild and more for Queen Street Commons
  • Some issues with a few street reps not being prompt with deliveries – Melissa will send an email out to remind reps of the importance of prompt deliveries

DCC Movie Night:

  • Nov 21st, 6:30pm, hosted by the VPNA
  • Charlotte will select an appropriate movie from the list
  • Charlotte will make a craft for that evening
  • Melissa, Anna, and Charlotte to attend that night
  • Melissa will look into what supplies we may need (juice boxes, popcorn, etc)


  • Nov 23rd, 6pm
  • Pavilion is booked
  • Melissa will look into having Michael May from the city speak on the city’s new Neighbourhood Strategy

All-Candidates Meeting:

  • We are working with some local community organizers on a potential all candidates meeting for the upcoming municipal election.  Details will follow

Programming Updates:


  • Homeschooling co-op starting up in 2 weeks, runs til June
  • 7 families are committed but there is a large waiting list
  • Partnership program with Extend-a-Family starts Sept 28th
  • Limited interest at this point, may be more interest if it becomes a drop-in format

Victoria Park Playground:

  • Melissa has attended 2 previous meetings to consider 9 potential playground structures
  • The list has been reduced to three
  • Melissa meeting with the group in 2 weeks to further evaluate the final three submissions
  • New equipment should be in place by the end of this year

Nominated for ‘Great Places in Canada’:

  • have encouraged voting through posts on our Facebook page
  • contest ends Sept 25

Heavy Vehicle Traffic Update (Lisa H):

  • City has made several improvements
  • Residents are keeping an eye on the situation to ensure commitments are followed
  • No current assistance required from the VPNA at this point

Henry Sturm Green Festival Discussion:

  • It was decided that we would not run the festival in 2015
  • Overall, the festival takes a lot of work from everyone, and especially so for Aimee and Anna
  • Putting so much work into an event that is so weather dependent is very discouraging
  • Many other organizations/groups in the community are seeking to partner with the VPNA on their own projects; perhaps our energies are best used to create these partnerships
  • Cheryl suggested that connecting with organizations in our area (such as REEP) who have their own established communication networks, could be beneficial to all
  • We can always reconsider and run the festival in future years, but everyone agreed that at least one year off was needed (and deserved!)
  • Much appreciation to all of those on the Executive, this year and past years, for supporting and giving your time to our little festival on the green!
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