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VPNA Minutes – March 7, 2017

2017 March 15
by Melissa

In attendance:

Melissa Bowman, Chair | Anka Brozic, Secretary | Charlotte Keeler, Program Coordinator| Steve Burrows, Event Coordinator | Patrick Gilbride, DNA Liaison | Erin Toner, Member-at-large | Rebekah Haynes, Member-at-large |

Time Item Owner
7:00 Welcome Melissa
7:05 Councilor updates: Frank is away this meeting Frank
7:15 City updates: Neighborhood Strategy update – the plan has gone to council. The roll out will happen quickly. The neighbourhood matching grant has been tripled. 3 themes – connected people, working together and great spaces – action plan proposals will be needed i.e. for the theme of working together each neighborhood can do a vision of what that would mean in their neighborhood and create an associated action plan. The goal is to create improvements to our neighborhood. Community consultations will happen. This could include other agencies and businesses in our neighborhood. Grants are open ended. We can apply once/yr. 2017 we will work on an action plan. There will eventually be a Neighborhood website where neighborhoods are linked and we can share ideas.

Neighbors day- June 10th, 2017. We will do activities outside, not inside. The DCC will offer a pancake breakfast. Firefighters may be here. It will run 9-12.

Programming update – new idea – cooking club for kids. This would be mainly for the home school community but it could be opened up to anyone. It would be cooking experiences for children 8+ yrs. Lots of support for this idea from parents. Charlotte would run it. This would run at the DCC (not co-op) for lunch or maybe 3:30-5 pm for dinner. There could be partnerships with Queen St Commons and the seniors day program. This could start very soon. Charlotte will explore opportunities at DCC for space to run this. This could run monthly or bi-weekly.

AT the last meeting, Steve (guest speaker) spoke about incorporation. We are likely too small to need to incorporate. VPNA is not going to do the kung fu classes but DNA may do it and the thought is that DNA may want to incorporate and we and other neighborhood associations could be covered under them.






Presentation: Jessica from Bridges to Belonging presented a program that supports people with developmental disabilities to find appropriate housing.

VPNA is considering a boundary expansion as there are areas around our neighborhood boundaries that have no neighborhood associations. Melissa will connect with other bordering neighborhood associations to see if there are any conflicts. Check in with BIA to see why certain areas are not linked to a neighborhood association.


Earth Day– April 22 at 10am interested people can meet at the gallery to pick up their garbage bags. Provide advertisements at this event regarding our upcoming events.

Plant swap will happen on May 27.  At the plant swap we can show case the little library, and advertise regarding stay tuned for more event info for Canada 150 events and Neighbours Day – June 10.

David St- street painting-this is something that may be presented to us at some point;

Sneaky cards– Melissa will drop a few off or provide at next meeting.

April 7 – There will be a Ceili dance at DCC Parish hall 630-9pm – everyone welcome.




8:30 Publicity: newsletters; social media plan(see Cathy’s email); mail chimp
8:35 Information for future meetings: RIENS; Little Library; Kung Fu Melissa
8:45 Adjournment Melissa

Next Meeting is April 4 at DCC 7-9PM

VPNA Minutes – February 8, 2017

2017 February 22
by Melissa
In attendance: Melissa Bowman, Chair | Anna Maste, Newsletter Editor |Cathy Lumb, Communications Coordinator |Patrick Gilbride, DNA Liaison | Erin Toner, Member-at-large| Agnes Das, DCC

Guest: Stephen Grant re:incorporation process

7:00 Welcome Melissa
7:05 Councilor updates: No update Frank
7:15 DCC updates: Agnes
7:30 Incorporation presentation Melissa


8:45 Publicity: newsletters; social media plan: Cathy will create a draft proposal regarding social media/publicity guidelines and we will circulate it to the group for feedback.

We will finalize the details for the Family Day event through email.

8:55 Information for future meetings: mailchimp Melissa
9:00 Adjournment Melissa

Much of the evening was dedicated to learning about the process of incorporation. Some of the key points were:

Incorporation means: we would be our own entity (therefore not personally liable, especially for programming and events that we run); the City is generally very supportive of NAs as long as we don’t display negligence or malice; directors (board members) can technically still be sued in some cases such as willful blindness or fraud; incorporated organizations tend to have a greater sense of credibility but that also comes with greater accountability (ie. financial statements and filing taxes). Receiving grants is often easier/possible through incorporated organizations.

A final decision regarding incorporation will be made at our March meeting.


Come play with us – sneaky cards!

2017 February 10
by Melissa

We have recently acquired a couple of decks of a new game called sneaky cards. Check out their website for more details about the game at . Several of our VPNA board members are out playing the game and we hope if you receive one of our sneaky cards that you will help join in the fun by playing along. You can also check out all of our latest happenings at

VPNA meeting minutes – Jan 10, 2017

2017 January 16
by Melissa

Board members

Melissa Bowman, Chair | Anka Brozic, Secretary | Anna Maste, Newsletter Editor | Charlotte Keeler, Program Coordinator| Cathy Lumb, Communications Coordinator | Patrick Gilbride, DNA Liaison | Erin Toner, Member-at-large | Theresa Hanley, Member-at-large | Rebekah Haynes, Member-at-large | Robert Souliere, Member-at-large |

Time Item Owner
7:00 Welcome Melissa
7:15 Councilor updates: Deferred – 2 houses on Queen Frank
7:30 DCC updates: snow angel program- nominates someone in your neighborhood who clears snow for others. They get a thank you letter from mayor angel. They get $100.00 if they are selected in the draw.

Volunteer awards nominations coming up (5,10,15 years). Lunch and award provided.

Save the dates: Neighbour day June 10 2017 at DCC. Family day Feb 20 sledding party slated for Victoria Park.

7:45 Finance

Financial update provided.

7:50 Newsletters: Spring delivery: info for newsletter due – Feb 1st; insert Neighbours day is June 10, 2017; Heritage grant info

Anna informed that the newsletter goes out 3-4x/yr lined up with leisure guide. 1 page double sided. Delivered with the community guide so that it is delivered by the those volunteers. Next one will be delivered mid Feb. So, it needs to be sent to Agnes for printing early Feb. Included are updates re: food forest, AGM re-cap, board members’ introduction, save the date events etc. We are also looking at sharing the load of doing the delivery to street reps.

7:55 Programming: The VPNA runs programs. More recently the home school program wants to provide Kung Fu training. Some members expressed concerns regarding liability. The VPNA is currently not an incorporated entity. This leaves members of the board personally liable if there was a mishap in the programs that we run and someone decides to take legal action.

Pros and cons of Incorporation will be discussed at our February meeting and a decision regarding how we plan to move forward will be made. More info below.

8:05 DNA

Melissa is the coordinator. Meetings every 1-2 months to discuss programming. Programs run that are revenue generating and it is shared across all the neighborhood associations. Patrick is our new DNA liaison and will attend meetings as his schedule permits.

8:10 VPWG

VP working group – meets 4x/yr with city staff. Melissa attends. Discuss how much programming is happening in the park and how it impacts neighbours. Looks at what maintenance needs to be done in the park. Meeting in December they discussed the bike race that happens in the region annually. There was a proposal to run in in Victoria park. One day in Victoria Park and one day in Cambridge. This is happening July 28 2017.

Also discussed that there may be some money available for capital improvements such as the comfort station, suitcase damaged near the clock tower that needs to be repaired. We would like some signage, directional or interpretive. Could there be a crosswalk be put in near the boathouse? Label bridges? Splash pad resurfacing. Events board. Looking for ideas for how this money could be spent.

8:15 Festival of Neighbourhoods

No updates

8:20 Food Forest

Located near where Jubilee turns into Park street. 4 fruit trees with indigenous plants that are edible. This is a communal space.

This year for growing season kick off Charlotte suggested a plant swap. Little Library event.

Earth day April 22, 10-12– clean up – hand out flyers for the Food Forest growing season kick off.

8:30 Miscellaneous: meeting space for VPNA meetings – Patrick suggested REEP house at Queen and Mill street but it was decided we would stay at the DCC

Home school – 2 programs gym drop in and homeschool co-op. Drop in programs – mostly gym time. The other program is a learning cooperative – you must register. Parents take turns presenting classes. To register, people need to connect with Charlotte. One of the moms has a black belt in Kung Fu and offered to provide classes for the kids. There was a question about liability and the question of whether we should be incorporated came up. We will investigate the pros and cons and discuss this at the February meeting.

Little library– to be stained and decorated. Must follow heritage rules. It needs to be put in the ground. We will tie the decoration in with the 150th Canada Day.

DTK 2020 – Theresa to attend.

Snow Angel Program – anyone who helps out their neighbor to shovel their snow. Their name will be put in a draw and they could win $100.  VPNA – could we create a campaign to help people with sidewalk snow removal. Melissa collected many ideas.

Events calendar was passed around for people to sign up for events that they would like to help with. Next one is – Feb 20 family day 1-3 pm

Advertising – newsletter, Facebook and twitter

8:55 Information for future meetings: mail chimp not being maintained. Cathy our communications director will investigate opportunities to improve communication of events and report back at our Feb meeting. Melissa
9:00 Adjournment Melissa


Trivia night, pizza party, and annual general meeting 2016

2016 November 14
by Melissa
November 18, 2016
6:00 pmto8:00 pm

Join us Friday, November 18th, 2016 at the Victoria Park Pavilion. We will have a couple of rounds of trivia (including a round just for the kids) and pizza will be available by the slice for 50 cents each. We will also have a chance to elect our board members for 2017. If you are joining us for pizza, please arrive as close to 6pm as possible so we know how many pizzas to order. We hope to see you there!

VPNA minutes – October 25th, 2016

2016 October 29
by Melissa

Attendees: Melissa, Anna, Cathy, Agnes, Anka, Frank

Regrets: Steve, David, Gillian

Chair: Melissa

Minutes: Anka


  • VP sidewalk infill – work will start in the next few weeks. A few phases of sidewalk work will be done over the next year. More detailed maps and info can be found on the city or region website.
  • REINS meeting coming up at Rockway CC. Picking older heritage areas to build 3 storey building in these areas. The meetings are not well attended and the fear is that people may not know what this development means. Frank wants to make sure people know about it. Thursday 27 th at Rockway CC at 630-9pm. It will be planners explaining what they are doing.

City Update (Agnes):

  • Homewood parkette – capital grant from 2014. Nature play area created and little library. Almost finished.
  • Leisure magazine (new name: Active Kitchener, launches in spring 2017), Best of times (new name: Kitchener life –magazine style – stories about people area activities). Your Kitchener – will no longer exist. The 2 new publications will be distributed 4 times/year.
  • Next year is Canada’s 150 th anniversary. We want to start generating ideas for events/activities for next year.

Neighbourhood Strategy:

  • The final report will likely be completed by the end of this year. Their is a final engagement piece happening this November to seek the public’s input.


  • Delivery date of Nov 8-10. Anna completed and it has been sent to print. To be brought to AGM on Nov 18.


  • An up to date financial statement will be available at the AGM.

Little Library:

  • Nov 12 th build. Anka is scheduled to build it for us. We will need to prep it afterwards – paint, stain?

DNA updates:

  • Could use a VPNA rep or two as well to sit on board.


  • Festival finale was Oct 16 th – we presented our sponsored award – the newcomer award – to the Prosperity neighbourhood. We also won the Safer Neighbourhood Award for our 2015 pumpkin parade. Edgewater won a $10K Grant. There is a lottery process. There is also a $20K Grant.


  • Meeting was Sept 29 th , 2016
  • Highlights: lots of discussion about improvements to Iron Horse Trail central section. May want to advertise corporate call centre more. Tom can provide us with small updates for our newsletters and social media if we want. There was a temporary ‘no running’ sign up near the splash pad near the end of the season as there had been a few slips and falls there.
  • Corporate call centre will be put in the newsletter.
  • Parks guy Tom will give us updates for the newsletter.


  • Nov 16, 2016 Neighborhood Summit – this is a networking meeting of neighborhood associations. Need to register for this event. Let Melissa know if you want to attend.
  • Iron Horse Trail open house: October 25 th , 6-8pm at the Pavilion, asked for feedback. All the plans will be online. More feedback will be wanted. Some suggestions put forward are a mini dog park, community garden, etc. Looking for safer road crossings where the trail meets the road.
  • Nougat (on Queen st) is moving to near Stampede Bar (Stirling ave). Could indicate that something is happening at the current Nougat site. Garage near Nougat is now open for business after being closed for some time.
  • New roles document: Are we happy with the new position descriptions? Yes. We will change president to Chair. All in agreement.


  • Nov. 18 th , at VP pavilion, 6-8pm. Pizza party and trivia night. rych mills and Todd B on board to generate questions and emcee. Suggested having a kids round of trivia as well. Appys and drinks then pizza.Logistics for ordering pizza discussed. Charge $0.50 per slice. Get a peperoni and Veggie choice. List ingredients. Have different coloured tickets for each so that we know how much to order from each. Some crafts for kids.
  • Set up at 430 or 5 pm. Cathy will do the décor. Christmas theme.
  • We need door prizes and prizes for trivia. Any connections for prizes would be good.
  • Bring books for the library.
  • Financial report will be available. Melissa will do a chair’s update on the previous year. Elections will take place.
  • Nominations and election process was reviewed.
  • Melissa will send out the task list for that evening.


  • Takes place Nov 1 at 6:45 near the clock tower in Victoria Park.
  • Steve planning on bringing apple cider. Steve created and put some signs up around the neighborhood. Melissa will send flyers electronically so that others can print and distribute on Halloween.
  • The board game store is having a pumpkin carving night that weekend and are going to bring a few to the park.
  • Projection is that we will have a good turnout.
  • Agnes coordinated the pickup already. Agnes will not be there so Melissa will be in charge of this event. Pick up of pumpkins will be 8pm. All tealights will need to be removed before the pumpkins can be taken away.

Next meeting:

  • Jan 2017. Future meeting will take place 7-9m either Tuesdays or Thursdays TBD. Melissa will email everyone after the AGM

VPNA minutes – September 27th, 2016

2016 October 5
by Melissa

Away: David, Charlotte, Gillian

Here: Agnes, Anka, Melissa, Frank, Anna, Cathy, Steve

Welcome:  Melissa welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

Frank: Update on sidewalks in park.  Informed that this is a priority for city council.  Boathouse moved their freezer to Water St. Anna asked for a cross walk on West Ave where the trail crosses it .

City Update (Agnes): annual affiliation agreement  for the NA was signed and submitted

Neighbourhood Strategy: Placemaking challenge event – Beach Picnic in the Park – went well, though had to postpone to Sunday from Saturday due to rain. 75 or so people attended – those who attended seemed to really love using that space, the musicians were a draw as were the activity trunk games.

Newsletters: due end of Oct. Neighbourhood strategy update. (delivery date of Nov 8-10) Include our AGM info – Nov 18 6-8 pm at the Pavilion.

 Little Library: Nov 12th build. Anka is scheduled to build it for us. We will need to prep it afterwards – paint, stain. We can bring it to the AGM for display.

DNA updates: Could use a VPNA rep or two as well to sit on board.

FoN: Do we want to sponsor the Newcomer Award? Group agreed that this would be a good idea for this year to begin with. We would provide $250 for this.

VPWG: next meeting is Sept 29th, 2016


Community Engagement session: at the Pavilion, Sept 27th 1-3pm.

 New roles/positions:  Melissa presented viable changes to board position responsibilities (attached). There was consensus to accept all the changes and a few others were offered.

AGM: Nov. 18th, 6-8pm. Pizza party and trivia night. rych mills and Todd B on board to generate questions and emcee. Suggested having a kids round of trivia as well. We will sell tickets for pizza slices ($0.50 ea) so that we know how much to order.

Pumpkin Parade: Name changed to Pumpkin Palooza -Nov 1 –Tuesday at 6:45-7:30 pm . Steve will take the lead on this event. He will create flyers that can be handed out on Halloween to inform community members of the event.  He may bring cider to share. We will meet near the Clock Tower. People can light up their Jack-O- lanterns. Once the event is over we will ask that people remove their tealights and the pumpkins will be collected for disposal by the city. Agnes will set the disposal piece up with the city.

 Summer lights movie in the park event: Sept 24th, 6pm on. There was a scavenger hunt and movie (Short Circuit). Approximately 80-100 people attended. We would like to offer 2 of these next year July and August.

 Next meeting: Oct 25 at 7PM at the DCC


VPNA Minutes – June 8th, 2016

2016 June 27
by Melissa

Attendees: Melissa Bowman , Agnes Das, Anka Brozic, Cathy Lumb, Charlotte Keeler, David Opper, Frank Etherington, Steve Burrows

Regrets: Cheryl Evans, Gillian Veitch

1) Welcome

2) Frank Etherington – Update

  • Iron Horse Trail – renos through the centre section of the trail may potentially start in early fall
  • Water St. sidewalks –proposal went to heritage committee; bottom of Water St. , both sides will get sidewalks. Sidewalks will also come to Jubilee Dr. where they are lacking. Frank shared a map
  • Water fountains in the park have been fixed
  • Report of Drones spotted in park and at least one instance of drone near Ornge helipad. This could lead to serious issues. Frank will look into municipal legislation around this.

3) DCC/DNA Update

  • New teal pots at the front of the centre. Plan is to plant edibles in these pots with the DLC and Senior Day program
  • Staff changes at Comm. Services dept – Agnes’ role has changed and she is now the neighborhood liaison. She will continue with VPNA.
  • Board Diversity – Agnes met with a member of the Muslim Social Services group. We can have a speaker to learn more about diversity through this group.
  • Music Therapy for Newcomers – offered by WLU student and may take place at Victoria Park
  • Neighbours Day reminder –June 11, 830-12 at the DCC gym. Anka, Charlotte, Melissa, Agnes and David confirm they will volunteer at the event. 300-400 expected

4) VPNA Update

  • Neighborhood strategy –looking for focus groups. There is a focus group manual. The VPNA could do a focus group meeting before the 2nd week in August. Focus could be visioning around roles and positions – do we need to make changes.
  • REINS – June 14, 630-830 – at the Pavilion. Meetings are being held to inform people about what changes will be coming with the new LRT. These are interactive sessions.
  • Needle dispensing units in the park washrooms. Question of are people aware of these. Some concern over this but overall seen as a positive step to provide a safe and clean way to dispose of syringes and other sharps for users in the park.

5) Next Meeting – TBD

VPNA Minutes – May 11th, 2016

2016 May 21
by Melissa

Attendees: Melissa Bowman , Agnes Das, Anka Brozic, Anna Maste, Cathy Lumb, Charlotte Keeler, David Opper, Frank Etherington

Regrets: Cheryl Evans, Gillian Veitch, Steve Burrows

1) Welcome

2) City Update – Frank

a) Recent walk around and meeting Canoeing on the Grand. There is no tendering for the canoeing service at VP but this may change next year. Canoes will be out starting May 24th and at least on weekends. May be out only on good weather days this year. There may be limited service this summer.

b) Water fountains are being repaired

c) It was reported that perhaps some duck eggs were destroyed on mud island. Geese eggs in the park are being  controlled for population. # of geese is lower this year and as per usual a number will be rounded up soon and taken to Windsor.

d) Boathouse – freezer to move closer to David St. It was slated to move in May but plan is for June now. Nicer umbrellas are on the patio.

3) DCC/DNA Update – Agnes

a) Little library grant has been approved.

b) Charlotte volunteered to be the librarian. Job description will follow.

c) 3 workshops coming up for age-friendly Kitchener exploring how friendly Kitchener is for 55+ age group and how to make it friendlier. www.

d) Adult pricing for CC programs has changed, Agnes provided a brochure.

e) Volunteer night at the Apollo May 13th –tickets still available.

f) DNA looking for board members. Meetings are on the last Wednesday of the month. AGM is May 25th, 2016.

g) Neighbours Day –June 11, 9-12 at the DCC gym. Pancake breakfast. Most of us will volunteer (830-1130) for this event. Asked to collect egg cartons and bring them the day of to the event. This year we will have

· Food forest –map and info about

· Photos

· Interactive map

· Fire trucks will be there and we will provide bubbles, chalk

h) Summer Lights Festival – officially starts June 28. June 4th pre-start movie offered at 10 pm “Jumanji”.

i) September 10th – clothing swap. We will look into use of the pavilion for this.

4) VPNA Update

a) Neighborhood strategy –lots happening this summer through street teams and focus groups. We will try to organize a focus group for the VPNA to share their thoughts.

b) Recent science fair -22 families attended. Good time had by all.

c) Plant swap Sunday May 29, 2-4 pm. This is an opportunity to trade seeds, seedlings, plants etc. Location: where Jubilee turns into Park st.

d) Melissa spoke to the VPWG about the food forest, community board and small library. They had no objection and will explore if it is possible. Charlotte will apply for grants for the community board.

e) CAFKA art installation –May 28-June 26

f) Art in the Park –June. For homeschooled children. Same idea as the science fair. Melissa will look to see if their is any opportunity to partner with CAFKA on this.

g) DCC gym equipment being taken home by members of the homeschool group. Agreement form will be created so that people wanting to sign out equipment can do so. DCC/VPNA  will be able to track the equipment this way.

5) Other

a) Stormwater Management meeting –April 28 held at the pavilion. Anka attended.

· Approximately 40 people attended

· Focus of the project is to retrofit 10 existing SW facilities and build 10 new ones over the next 15 years

· Much information was shared regarding the study/review process which was started in 2014 and will be completed by end of May 2016.

· Shared long term planning document which follows the Enviromental Assessment process. Will go to council June 2016. · More info on city website

6) Newsletter

a) Melissa will review our current delivery plan and decide if a new approach is needed before our fall delivery date.

7) Next Meeting – June 8, 2016

VPWG minutes – May 2016

2016 May 14
by Melissa

Wednesday May 11, 2016 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Victoria Park – Walk about


Present: Laura Seaman, Rych Mills, Councilor Etherington, Glennis Yantzi, Tom Margetts, Melissa Bowman, Bob Sharpe, Scott Berry and Paula Davis (Recorder)


Guest: Dave – Parks Coordinator

1. Security / Vandalism – Victoria Park Washroom

* Rych commented that with increased security presence that the Victoria Park washroom vandalism is on the decline. Tom working with park staff for rock or plant life behind the building.

* Can washrooms open early in the year? Current open date is April 1st. There were several days when weather was nice and the park was full, but had no washroom available. Scott had concerns with freezing pipes and winterizing procedures. Action – Scott to talk with FM about freezing and winterizing issues.

2. Review of Action Items List

* Scott reviewed the list of action items with the Working Group. The following is an update on the status of the items.

> Canoeing

* Hours of service to remain as May 24th to Sept 7th Saturday and Sunday only, weather permitting.

> Benches

> Is it possible to get more benches in the area of the clock tower, few and far between for older residents walking in the park?

> Action – Tom to check with Dan if there are any more benches

> Bike parking

> Is it possible to get more bike parking in the park or can we have portable units brought in when events held, currently people who bike to the park attach to trees and lamp posts – sometimes three and four deep.

> Action – Tom to check if we have any portable units

> Jubilee Drive entrance

– There are currently two black poles that were used to hold angels in the winter but angels have not been up for a number of years. Tom to look into who moves the poles – caution when moving due to close overhead lines. KW Hydro may have to remove poles

Music events in the park

Action – Jeff will send list of events planned in the park to Scott and this will be distributed to the group

> Forest area installed near Park St Entrance – Melissa asked what the group thought about a bench and library near/in this area. Currently very little light in this area.

>Action Tom will talk with park staff for ideas and possibilities

> Plant inventory

> Action – Tom to follow-up as parks staff should have a map later this year early next year. Staff will come to walkabout if requested to talk about plants in the park.

> People coming to the park are parking on David St – do not want to remove the parking option, but can this be better enforced.

3. Community Garden Update

* Rych raised a concern regarding the location of the two no smoking signs in the playground area. The signs should be moved closer to the playground and also two or three more signs are needed. Action: Tom advised that signs to be located in the playground area sports field area will be done once weather permits installation of mounting posts. UPDATE: Tom has passed this information along to the Supervisor of Tech Services (Playgrounds)

* Goose Control

* Joshua’s area monitors and controls the number of geese in the park. Numbers rise and decline with migration and birth rate.

Tom updated the group with the number of geese in the park and how many nests were found and relocated.

4. CAFKA Festival

* This program runs for 5 weeks, starting May 28th until June 26th

5. Victoria Park Mandate – Review

* This item was deferred to the next meeting

Next meeting: to be determined

Time: 1:00- 3:00

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