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VPNA Meeting Minutes – February 6th, 2018

2018 February 11
by Melissa


7:00 Welcome – new members Jim Whitt and Lisa Woo
7:15 Councilor updates: did not attend
7:25 City updates: Placemaking update on adult playground (looking for people on their advisory committee – connect with Agnes) – not going to be near the food forest due to heritage implications. Other location near playground and near the parking lot. Planning for a summer installation. There will be some activity there on the July 28 weekend.

Little library: Where is it going? Perhaps near the playground again – still need to figure out. Recycling bins- Agnes connected with Patrick re: bin manufacturers and noted that it is not a given that collection can happen at every location.

Gifts for ice rink workers? VP rinks are maintained by city staff. No need for presents for them.

Feb 15 Kitchener Market #lovemyhood update-invitation only and by membership; Family Day event on city website-sledding event, skating and hot chocolate Feb 19 2-4 pm.

NAP- Monday Feb 26th at 7pm council meeting to present update re: NAP.

Launch of #lovemyhood website will be Feb 14th.

7:40 Finance: No new expenses/revenue
7:45 Newsletters: Thanks to Rose for the Spring newsletter – done and ready to go. Distribution – 1100 need to be distributed. Board members divide them up and we deliver them. Mario has volunteered to deliver to Heins.
7:55 Programming: Update – Charlotte was not able to make it tonight. VPNA runs a few programs – DT coop learning program, La Leche, At home school drop in.  Marla (chef) willing to offer some programming regarding food.
8:00 DNA: Heritage/Development team- Jan meeting – Patrick and Melissa – 2 issues – Duke to Charles and Victoria to Ottawa – no neighborhood assoc. There is ongoing development in our area. In March they will focus on developing a committee that would have reps from every NA who will keep an ear to the ground about upcoming developments and share info with all NAs. We will be able to stay informed. If there were concerns they would bring them up as a committee. Mt Hope and Breithaupt NA has assembled a subcommittee already looking at this. Next meeting 4th Wednesday of the Month 730 Mar 28th. They will meet quarterly. Location: DCC. Steve and Erin will attend. They have been given a Terms of Reference from a similar committee to review.  Goals for this larger committee is to have a support group and put their heads together bring in their connections to figure things out. Mario is interested in this (away until early April). Can we as the NA do a better job at sharing these types of information with our neighbours. If so, how best to do this?

Website – Waterloo Region connected – forums to learn about what is going on in the Region

Are there Heritage guidelines? – Agnes will send a link.

Heritage Committee- citizens make recommendations  to Council. Meet the first Tues of every month – City Hall Heritage Room. All welcome.

Crozby legislation – regarding zoning

8:15 VPWG: Need a replacement for Glennis. Long standing group – working group has 4 citizens that meet quarterly with city staff and ward Councilor and the parks and facilities staff. We could advertise this position at the Feb 19 event, DCC bulletin board, also on social media. Person should live in the VP neighborhood.
8:20 NAP: Placemaking grant; presentation to Council – above
8:30 Food Forest: nothing new at this time. Two metal poles have been put in the ground near the food forest. It was thought maybe to protect it. Agnes will follow up with Charlotte (update: related to the Christmas Fantasy lights – will be removed when the ground thaws). Community garden committee meeting will be happening soon. The beds have been planned but no movement until the Spring.
8:35 Events: Family Day event Feb 19, 2-4 pm– please come out – update on facebook (Rose, Erin, Cathy will attend, others as they are able); Earth Day clean up – April 21 10 am- 12 noon – meet at the gallery. We will have prizes.
8:45 Miscellaneous: historically we have used Mailchimp subscribers meeting reminders and newsletters- what to do with this; we could use social media to send out our newsletter, We have about 400 followers to facebook, we get 1 inquiry every month or so through the website, Patrick will work with our newsletter and put it on mailchimp. This will be cheaper and info will be timely. Henry, Cathy, Melissa and Patrick will meet to discuss.   media guidelines; sign off on AODA documents; consider booking AGM early this year; concerns re: overlap of innovation district and heritage district; Melissa to share about upcoming plans. Melissa will send out info about our mission and vision and we will discuss more about digital expression at our next meeting. What do we need to have a good conversation around our ‘advertising’: demographics; how do we identify who wants to be interested/engaged? What is the purpose of each of our platforms? What are we trying to achieve with them? Engagement, information, creating a sense of community, or something else? Bring in our constitutions and aims and objectives.

Mario had info about the heritage and innovation district that he will disseminate to all of us.

8:55 Information for future meetings: Long term goals for Food Forest; Adopt a storm drain project- deferred; Accessible neighbourhood; tree giveaway – the winner of the draw does not want the tree. We will offer it as a giveaway at Earth Day. We may want talk to Reep about partnering to do so. Little Library location (partner with exercise equipment installation?)

Next meeting : March 6th, 7-9pm  at DCC.

9:00 Adjournment
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