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VPNA Meeting Minutes – July 26th, 2017

2017 July 27
by Melissa
5:30 Welcome
5:35 Councilor updates: Frank away
5:35 Newsletters: have been sent to print
5:40 Little Library: Any new location suggestions? Need to consider accessibility; winter clearance; likelihood of vandalism. Perhaps we could partner with Reception House (have it near that end of the lake and the newly installed bench); Near the clock tower was also suggested (perhaps partner with THEMUSEUM if it is over there)
5:45 NAP: we are having a neighbourhood party! Sept 2nd from 12-3pm at the Henry Sturm Greenway. We will have events that highlight our NAP options, potentially including: using the shed as a temporary community message board; using chalk on the Iron Horse to create potential crosswalk designs; decorating small birdhouses to highlight bird/tree initiatives; tree giveaway to highlight the food forest and urban tree initiative. It was suggested that Dollarama birdhouses are not the most eco-friendly option. Let’s consider making bird feeders instead with pinecones/sticks, fat/lard. sponge brushes, birdseed, twine (for hanging). Would also need cleaning up materials such as wet wipes. May also want to make nesting balls with bright coloured materials that birds use to build their nests.
6:55 Food Forest: Let’s brainstorm! Some ideas put forth already, include: offering a food foraging workshop; signage; “What’s a food forest?” section on the website; rain barrel sale; partner with food bank, JF Carmichael, Schneider Haus; offer other educational times such as canning, recipes, etc. See ‘ideas’ list below. Our goals in creating this list was to create awareness of the food forest and help it to become better used.
6:20 Events: Overdose Awareness Day Aug 27th 12-2pm; Pumpkinpalooza Nov 1st; AGM Nov 3rd. The AGM is earlier this year so we will not get the Winter newsletter out prior to the AGM. Will need to take extra steps on social media and at other events to remind people of the AGM. We could have flyers at the street party about Pumpkinpalooza and the AGM as well. We will have the newsletters at the street party as well.
6:25 Information for future meetings: Pumpkinpalooza; AGM; Have Josh from the NDO join us?
6:30 Adjournment (Next meeting Sept 5th)


Food Forest Idea What that looks like/requires Lead
Food foraging workshop
Signage One sign in each guild listing the more ‘permanent’ plants; Can we simply ‘stake’ some signs or do we need something more official/stronger? Rebekah does wood burning and could create a simple sign for the area “Food Forest” “”
Website: What’s a food forest? Add a ‘page’ to our website under Food Forest. Here we can add recipes, info about what food forests are, and photos of our food forest Melissa can start updating this now.
Website: Plant Photos and Identification Take photos of specific plants in our food forest. Post them to our website and identify them and their uses Anka to take photos. Charlotte to identify the plants. Melissa to add them to our website.
Rain barrel sale
Partner: Food Bank Could offer a community dinner at the picnic shelter. Anka can explore this as an option
Partner: J.F. Carmichael May want to connect with Melissa Y re: options
Partner: Schneider Haus
Partner: Working Centre Since the working centre is well established in running community gardens/markets, etc, they may be a good resource for us as we move forward
Education: Canning workshop
Education: Recipes (book?)
Website: Recipes
Creating a Food Forest Team Need to identify what the specific roles might be as we develop a team (visioning, working in the food forest, advertising etc)
Add information to any community board(s) we eventually have installed
Host a monthly work time for interested parties to work in the food forest
Use sidewalk chalk on nearby paths to let people know about the food forest Could keep sidewalk nearby and if you are in the area, simply write a message about the food forest Charlotte to supply a small ziploc bag of sidewalk chalk
Include the Food Forest on any Jane’s Walks in the area
Add other features to the area such as benches, perhaps a patio type area, picnic benches
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